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Choreography for RAFFLES BRAND VIDEO

Filming in April and May in SIngapore, Qatar, India and UK


DANCAE event for opening of ART BIESENTHAL


New creation for 5 dancers


6 & 7 July 2024

More info to be announced soon

ECHO - Premiere
FRAMED FESTIVAL @ Großer Wasserspeicher Prenzlauer Berg, BERLIN

Piece for two perfomers and one theremist

40-50 minutes

Concept and choreography by Annick Schadeck

Echo brings together three performers and one Theremin. The Theremin is an instrument that produces sound through the manual, thus non physical manipulation of an electromagnetic circuit.

Together, in constellation with the performers, it explores the links offered by time and space, to connect and shape various patterns.

Open rehearsals with dancers and musician

19 July - 22 July 2024

Show :

25 July 2024

More info to be announced soon

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