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For all levels

Leaping Dancer


I am offering private and group lessons for all levels from beginners to professionals.

In my classes I focus on the positive individual experience of each participant, with the underlying belief that dance is accessible to each person and a dance teacher is only there to help enable and unlock the innate movement qualities of each mover and dancer.

Regardless of the dancestyle, I believe in the importance of both play and technique, fun and method. Whatever dancestyle or movement technique, priciples such as breath, musicality, intention, focus, concentration and body awareness are key principles and I see it as my responsability to share these notions in my classes

 I am looking forward to help you find your honest expression in my classes.


No regular classes at the moment. Possibility of teaching via zoom


Please contact me by e-mail for further information and prices



Teaching experience: Conservatoire de la ville de Luxembourg, Conservatoire du Nord, Museksschoul Iechternach, Centre chorégraphique du Luxembourg (TROIS-C-L), IAF Mentorship program, Deutsche Oper Berlin, Zemmourballet, Studio Art et Sport, Imago Faculty Milano, Formazione ModenaDanza, Studio Dancefactory, Studio Vedanza, Private classes

Invited Guest choreographer for the Concours international de la Confédération de danse CND 2019

Invited Guest teacher at the 9ieme stage international de danse - Les hivernales de la danse Liège

Sand Dunes


Gyrotonic ®

Discover how to use your body in an efficient and healthy way. This class is a mix of ballet barre exercises and different body work techniques such as Ballet, Asthanga yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic® and breathing techniques that I encountered during practice as a professional dancer. It will help you to gain more flexibility, better posture and strenght. Private and group classes on request.

Price: 80 euros / discount for students and on request

all levels

please contact me by e-mail for further information


Certified Gyrotonic ® Level 1 trainer

Classes on request

Online classes via Zoom


Thai massage sessions / Bodywork

I offer free bodywork sessions for women - Certified in Thai massage with spezialization on internal organs following the TST method (trouble solving technique).

Please contact me for further info.

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